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We are glad to introduce SAKSHI, identified in 2016 as a child with deafblindness , she was a shy child and only wished to stay at home, like other kids school was hell to her but our Special Educators held her hand and paved her way to school now she has a Secondary School Certificate with 52.25% .Home based services brought out the Chef inside her as she cooks Maggi , Tea by herself. Vocational trainers helped her learn paper cutting, gift wrapping etc.

She now recognizes money and We are surprised to see her handling her imitation jewelry shop.

Our dream is to see Sakshi flying high and we are ready to stretch our strings with her




  • Special Education (Braille and sign language, orientation and mobility, communication and brain development with daily routine activity)
  • Parents counselling
  • Medical services
  • Physio therapy and occupational therapy
  • Entitlements to government schemes



  • Annual exposure Visits
  • Vocational training
  • Organizing various skillbased competition
  • Celebrate festivals
  • Training to parents and teachers
  • Community awareness programs….and many more





  • The project has transformed the destinies of 180 deaf-blind/MSI children and young adults, their families in Nagpur’s urban and rural settings giving them the support they require.
  • Deaf-blind children and young adults communicate and possess vital skills needed for daily living.
  • They have received centre-based, home-based and educational services hard to find in Nagpur’s urban and rural areas.
  • Children and young adults with deaf-blindness/MSI are active members of society, realizing their rights to education, health and sustainable livelihoods, contributing to the SDG’s.
  • Social awareness about deaf-blindness/MSI well spread in the community.