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Dear Partners:

I feel privileged to bring you Manav Vikas Foundation’s [MVF] Annual Report 2018 – 19, documenting our work during the year gone by. MVF is dedicated to improve the lives of Deaf-blind children and young adults and those infected and affected by HIV & AIDS.  Based on our communities’ needs we have identified and work on 05 cause categories – Education, Health, Income, Environment and Social Inclusion. These categories, we believe are the building blocks for stronger communities and have helped us ensure that our impact is more widespread and meaningful. 

I am pleased to inform you that MVF has successfully placed skilled young adults with deaf-blindness, multiple sensory impairment and HIV & AIDS into inclusive workplaces thus helping to mainstream them into the workforce and into the society.

Removing stigma attached to different forms of disabilities, HIV & AIDS, mainstreaming them, working for their inclusion, gender justice and rights are our primary concerns. 

Our future endeavor is to provide services to persons with other disabilities moreover persons with mental illness.  We would also like to work with central agencies in empowering rural women, minorities and adivasis notified by the government.  .  We would wish to partner with organizations that share our goals and objectives and help us to work for the holistic development of PWDs, minorities, children, youth and adolescents especially from the SC and ST communities. 

This would not have been possible without the focused approach if MVF’s core team members and the skilled guidance of our Board.  I would also like to acknowledge the dedication of dozens of volunteers, advice of many experts and the support of countless caregivers, service providers and funders. 

I look forward to another exciting year full of opportunities.   We promise to build on our work and continue to strive for a more inclusive society in the year ahead!

Rajabhau Jodh




Committee Members


President    ->               Rajabhau Jodh 

Vice – President ->      Dilip Dhote 

Secretary  ->                 Priti Pethe 

Joint – Secretary  ->    Dr. Nishikant Thape 

Treasurer ->                 Sudha Shinde 

Member – 01 ->            Dr. Charusheela Nagpure 

Member – 02 ->           Dr. Falguni Kawane